Road Trip: Be Ready for Anything with a Trip Inspection at Tuffy Fort Myers (Daniels Pkwy)

July 31, 2022

Road trip, anyone? Nothing spoils a great vacation faster than ending up stranded on the side of the road or spending a week in a rundown motel while our vehicle sits in the shop. Long days on the road can bring out the worst in your vehicle, so before you leave, prepare it for the journey by ge... More

Automotive Tips from Tuffy Fort Myers (Daniels Pkwy): Air Conditioning ? Common Problem

July 24, 2022

Your auto air conditioning system cools and conditions the air in your passenger compartment when you are driving around Fort Myers. It also removes moisture from the air to keep your windows from fogging up.A common A/C problem for Fort Myers drivers that visit Tuffy Fort Myers (Daniels Pkwy) is... More

Considering an Alternative Fuel Vehicle in Fort Myers?

July 17, 2022

There is a clear and vocal demand in Fort Myers and nationally for a reduction in air pollution and our dependence on fossil fuels. This is what is driving the Florida market for alternative fuel vehicles. There are a number of these vehicles on Fort Myers area roads today, and many more being d... More

Synthetic Oil for Fort Myers Autos

July 10, 2022

If you are a driver in Fort Myers and you aren't currently using synthetic motor oil in your vehicle, maybe now's the time to consider it. Need more information? Well, synthetic motor oil is a substitute for petroleum based oil. Synthetic oil doesn't gel or gum-up like petroleum based oil and i... More

Time for a Brake (Brake Pad Replacement)

July 3, 2022

Stop! It's one of those things your vehicle has to do consistently and reliably. That's why brake maintenance is vitally important, worthwhile for you to make sure stays up to date. A brake system has many components. If your vehicle has disc brakes, they have pads that make contact with the rot... More